Drought Porter

After 27 or so weeks of low scoring soccer, the Rapids unleashed the beast in Gashi last weekend.  Three goals is the kind of performance we fans have been waiting all season to see from our offense.

Unfortunately, the Defense was stuck in customs and all three goals were answered by the nosediving Vancouver Whitecaps.

To analyze a game like this is a monumental task.  And we prayed for reinforcements.  

And our prayers were answered in the form of the one and only Mark Goodman, better known to you as Burgundy Wave’s own RapidsRabbi.

How can the Pids thrice blow a lead? Where’s the best defense in the league? Were the boys caught up in the confounding maze of Canadian prostitution laws? I’ve warned them about that before Dammit.

Plus some discussion of Pro/Rel, Reserve Leagues, College Reformation, and other such long overdue topics.  This podcast truly has something for every Rapid–nay–soccer fan.

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