P.S. Poetic Justice

The post season is here.  While it came sooner than we all hoped, there’s no reason to be down on a season like this. 

Except, yes there is.  And leave it to the Voice cast to find it.  In a record season for the Rapids we somehow came thru with no silverware. No Rocky Mountain Cup. No Supporter’s Shield. No U.S. Open Cup. No MLS Cup.  We did however set the table for all that stuff in 2017.  

Is it poetic justice that a team that can’t find the back of the net shouldn’t win the Cup? Can the Pids learn from their shortcomings and regroup next year?  Can they become the well rounded team that has to exist for ultimate victory? We think so.

We discuss the Home unbeaten streak, the 18 other clubs that sucked worse than us for a change, and pontificate on what the off season will bring.


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