Parallel Pals

With another week off we start off the show discussing the best MLS action of the weekend.  The Loons got their first ever pro win against the hated Real Salt Lake, which still tastes pretty sweet to us.  LA blew a lead, JJ carded again and Houston slaughters the Red Bulls.

But enough of those other guys! This weekend sees the Rapids back at the dance with a roadie along the 39th parallel to SKC on Sunday.

Our record against the Possum Trotters has been good, winning the last 4 meetings, but this game will see some pretty important personnel changes.

For starters Burch and Cronin have gone over to the grey side and Dom Dwyer’s cryptonite–Axel–is still out with injury.  

However, this could be the start of a more offensive Rapids team and the game that gets this season right back on track.


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