East, Down, and Bound

East, Down, and Bound

The Rapids went East. The Rapids went down. The Rapids are bottom bound. The Voice cast took a road trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and that was the high point of their trip. They were also able to sneak in a Rapids game after applying Butter Beer to their Hog Warts. By design, this trip was a fan experience and the guys talk about the Orlando fan experience: The good, the bad and the Voldemortean…(is that a thing? I don’t know Harry Potter) Of course you can take the Rapids fans out of Colorado but you can’t take the Colorado out of the Rapids fans; so there will be match analysis. From a surprising lineup change to a reasonable use of subs, this game almost appeared to be our shot at getting back in MLS contention. Alas, despite the heroics of Zac MacMath the Pids fell to the Lions a devastating 2-0 in the sweltering Florida heat.

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