Road Games Are Our ‘El Guapo’

Road Games Are Our ‘El Guapo’

In a way, all of us have an ‘El Guapo’ to face. For some, shyness may be their ‘El Guapo’. For others, a lack of education may be their ‘El Guapo’. For the Rapids, ‘El Guapo’ is a road game at any level of competition. Three losses in 11 days, and two more games this week all culminating in the birthday of our nation. A day the Rapids traditionally do very well at home (even in very bad years). But this team is riddled with injuries upon injuries and those that remain standing have to be getting exhausted. This week we do our best to keep the analysis positive as we look at the Texas-sized competition coming to the Dick in the next seven days. Then we find some much needed respite from the painful world of bottom table soccer and talk so wizarding world of Harry Potter. Austin, King Potter-head, treats us to a quiz in honor of the 20th anniversary of the “Sorcerer’s Stone”

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