A Mid Summer’s Nightmare

A Mid Summer’s Nightmare


The Fourth of July has come and gone and with it, the majority of the Rapid’s homegames. With just 6 more homegames thru October, there is reason to believe the season is out of the frying pan and into the fire. The Rapid’s abysmal road record (0-7-0) extrapolated over the next few months tells us that we will be lucky to finish the season with points totaling in the mid-thirties. Which, going off last season, will ultimately put us near the bottom of the league when all is said and done. We discuss the first half of the season and the Rapid’s inability to ride out any momentum into a significant stretch. There is a lot to be said of the differences between the Pids vs. Houston and those same Pids vs. Seattle. Will the break help the team get back on track and back to health? And what kind of surprises await in the upcoming summer transfer window?

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