Azira gives his thoughts before FCD

By Brian Jennings

The Colorado Rapids camp is not without hope.  Ask Michael Azira and it’s a pretty simple formula to keeping this season going in a positive direction.  “What gives me hope is that we create chances,” the soft-spoken defensive midfielder told The Voice of C38 this week.  “We’re just not putting those away. On a good day we can score goals and win games.  Goals change games.”

Colorado has only found the net 22 times in 21 matches thus far which is why they are where they are in the Western Conference.  Scoring goals is also the thing heard round the league since time began as the hardest thing to do in this game.  So just how close has Colorado been to turning the tide in 2017?….very according to Azira.

“When you have that flow, you just take one shot and you score.  It’s just a matter of scoring your goals.  If you score your goals it changes everything-Everyone gets confident on the ball, everyone is moving.”

The other thing Michael pointed out is that, on the bright side, the Rapids have rarely been manhandled or blown out through their 22 matches this season.  Sure there have been the occasional meltdown, but all in all Azira holds to the idea that MLS sides are not burying Colorado on any given night.

“We haven’t found teams have really destroyed us. The two teams which played well around us-we won, and one we lost, but if you look at the teams we play and the games we play it’s close: 1-0, 2-1.”

“Right now at this point you either win your games or you’re out.  We need to collect as many points as we can so there’s no looking back,” Azira says bluntly.

That being said and looking ahead, FC Dallas has had their own woes as of late giving up seven total goals in their last two matches.  Couple that with a recent history of good offensive production by the Rapids in Frisco, TX and Azira knows his side must be on the gas from the opening whistle but also be wary of stretching their back six out of shape.

“It’s always a great game playing Dallas, you just have to be ready to play.  We score goals in Dallas and it changes everything.  We need to defend well as a team and put away our chances.”

“You can’t change yesterday.  You have the opportunity to change today, and tomorrow, prepare so we can change it and we can move on.”

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