Pre-Game: @ Dallas FC

by Brendan Wyatt

It’s the rivalry that no one really seems to talk about, at least publicly.  To my face almost every time FC Dallas comes up everyone else seems to agree that this is a big rivalry but no one treats it like RSL, or even Sporting KC.  Dallas isn’t that far of a drive, its nearly the same one as it is to Salt Lake.  Since tonight’s game is on a Wednesday I’d be surprised if there was even much of a showing from the home fans, let alone the away supporters.

Dallas is in a bit of a slump right now (riding a 10 game winless streak) and it would be good for the Rapids to take advantage of that, if they can.  There are playoff hopes on the line here; Dallas is tied with RSL and Houston for the last playoff spot with 38 points.  Colorado isn’t out of it yet, but would be with a loss against Dallas, or a tie against Dallas and Houston win or tie against LA; or San Jose win or tie against Chicago.  Yeah… it’s that kind of messed up.  Basically the Rapids can only focus on tonight’s match against Dallas.  If they win, the rest is up to the soccer gods, and the rest of the season.

Since this is a mid-week game there is a higher probability that the lineup could change, just after it got consistent.  At some point this week though, it will change. My vote is for Saturday against Montreal at home.

Some guys need minutes to justify their place on the roster next year, while other guys need rest so they are healthy next year.  Despite the fact the Rapids are not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, it would be wise to shift a good bit of the focus on to next year; especially if a few of the players may need until then to reach 100%.

Tonight’s game is at 6pm, so hit up the bar early, or tell your boss you got to take a half day; who says we can’t treat today like a Saturday?  No official viewing party for this one so get out there and change the local pubs TV from that damn National Anthem debacle and everyone can forget about life’s bull shit for 90 minutes.

Predicted starting XI: Howard, Miller, Ford, Sjoberg, Williams, Azira, Watts, Hairston, Saied, Gatt, Badji.

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