Hairston and Rapids Ready to Repay RSL

By Brian Jennings

Sunday night wraps up the 2017 home season for the Rapids against public enemy number one-Real Salt Lake. Colorado hasn’t had much luck this year overcoming their neighbors but Marlon Hairston feels the same way as most fans and many of his teammates-it’s time for some payback.

“We owe Salt Lake, they’ve beaten us a couple of times, so we definitely owe them and what better way to do it than at home,” Marlon told The Voice of C38 in the leadup this week.

Many matches in the past few years have seen the shoe on the other foot as Colorado was vying for a playoff spot late in the season. With RSL included as a vital Western Conference showdown when points became scarce, 2014 and 2015 saw Colorado lose the last meetings of those seasons to their rivals missing the post-season both times.

Now, the Rapids have a chance to keep RSL below the MLS playoff “red line” with a victory and send home fans away from Commerce City with good memories to last through the offseason.

Hairston sees what the Rapids have been producing on the field as of late-good possession going forward allowing himself, Dominique Badji, Josh Gatt, and Stefan Aigner to press opposing defenders in the attacking third. He wants to keep that ball rolling into what will hopefully end up as a Colorado win this time. “The last couple of games we’ve been going out having that mentality trying to get results and not being scared and being more on the front foot.”

“The mentality in the locker room hasn’t changed a bunch because we have nothing to lose,” admits the versatile Hairston who has featured in every match of 2017, and says the Rapids might as well let it all hang out seeing Sunday as the perfect opportunity to employ such a game plan, “especially here at home, with it being our last match, having that same mentality and just going out and taking to other teams not sitting back.”

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