He of Little Faith


We went, we played…we lost. Twice.

We know pre-season results don’t matter but can’t they not matter with a win once in a damn while?

We talk about what we saw from Casa Grande–it ain’t much. And we talk a bit about what we hope the team and coaches got out of the results.

We pull out a list of all the strikers that turned us down for the prom and, as hope springs eternal, we glean positives from the thundering silence we still hear from a few.

This brings out the skeptic in Colin and he gets piled on by the entire cast and live-stream audience for his lack of faith in the squad.

Finally, we wrap up the “I Shall Return” segment with Austin’s dissertation on why he returns to the Dick thru hell and highwater…and always will.

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  1. Charlie Anderson says:

    Thanks for the analysis and especially thanks to Austin for sharing his ‘Why be a supporter.’ Right on point!

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