Why I will return as a STH by Shane Stephenson

The reason I return every year, is the friends that I’ve made throughout the years. They have turned into a family now as the years go on supporting our burgundy boys. My favorite memory was running into Austin as a very brand new Rapids fan at the Blue Spruce Brewery. I showed up with my brother to watch an away game back in 2014. We sit at the bar and wait for others to show up from what I saw on the Facebook group. Austin and his family showed up and I honestly got nervous, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. I just knew I wanted this soccer passion I felt bloom watching the US play Portugal in the 2014 World Cup. Quickly after meeting Austin and his family and few others I knew this was going to change my life as a sports fan.

I went to a few home games the rest of that 2014 season and I wanted more. I purchased my first full season ticket for the 2015 season and never looked back. My fondest thing about being a supporter is the friends I’ve made. The memories and laughter, the cheering and clapping for our Rapids. The insane fun of traveling to away games! Playing FIFA on the charter bus on our way to Salt Lake. The “Only number Juan” chants I will never forget.

If someone came to me and asked me why I was a supporter I would say. I will support the Rapids through all the ups and downs no matter what because if it wasn’t for the Rapids, I would not have met all my friends and now family that I’ve come to support as well. Look forward to the 2018 season, lets go Pids!

Just heard the podcast and wanted to throw in my “essay”

Thank you,
Shane Stephenson

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