Prelude to a Prologue

Prelude to a Prologue

Its the first game of the last games before the first game of the lesser competition!!!!
The Rapids finally have a preseason game to talk about. One against Sporting AZ FC that we weren’t allowed to watch. They did however manage 9 unanswered goals in a 120 minute route with a couple of braces. Well done.

There’s been some more movement with the newbies and a new rumor, again, out of England as our striker dreams inch ever closer to the end of time…until the summer window.

The new kit is out and all the cool kids like it. We talk sharpness vs. dynamicism and would we buy one or not.

Colin’s Corner reminds us of Toronto’s 2017 might and what the Pids will be facing in their CCL leg one match on Tuesday.

Then, naturally…CCL talk. It’s called a segue people.

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