Why I renewed my tickets: by Devon Widick

Why I Renewed My Rapids Season Tickets

I am a diehard Denver sports fan.  I don’t use that term lightly.  Only my family and friends mean more to be than my favorite teams.  Is this healthy? Who cares!  That said, I’ve seen a lot of games for my age.  I’ve sat in snow up to my ankles to watch the Broncos.  I’ve traveled to enemy territory in Seattle after the Super Bowl 48 loss and endured more jokes than anyone should ever have to.  I’ve sacrificed sleep to watch the Rockies lose in extra innings when they were 30 games out of a playoff spot.  I’ve punched a drunk Red Wings fan who was taunting a little girl/fellow Avs fan.  I’ve gone to a Nuggets game with the sole purpose of booing Kobe the entire time.

All of those experiences (the highs and the lows) cannot compare to those I’ve had since joining Centennial 38 and dedicating my Saturdays to burgundy and blue. I’ve gotten to meet and speak to the head coaches, general manager, and top players in person more than once.  The closest I’ve gotten to my other favorite teams is driving past Elway’s car dealerships and restaurant.  I get to hang out with friends drinking beer and burning hot dogs in a sanctioned tailgate spot that I don’t have to sell a kidney to afford. All of my season tickets cost less than 1 ticket for good seats in any of the other stadiums.  That is ridiculous! I get to stand in section 117 with the only fans in Denver that can match my own dedication.  There we live and die with everything that happens on the pitch.  Go ahead, try to sing and dance at Coors Field sometime.  You’re more likely to have the elderly ushers kick you out than to have other fans join in.

Most important are all of that are the friends I’ve made being the full-time grill guy and emergency capo for C38.  Everyone makes me feel so welcome. I wouldn’t trade that feeling for anything in the world.

I renewed my season tickets because it is the BEST sports experience I’ve ever had.

Devon “DenverGamer” Widick

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