A Tale of Two Halves

It was the best of soccer, it was the worst of soccer.

Alright that’s a huge exaggeration but with all the tweets about “a tale of two halves”, how could we not name the episode that?

There was a Rapids game on Tuesday. That’s good.

It was against Toronto. That’s bad.

The Rapids looked better than they have in two decades. That’s good.

Toronto scored two unanswered goals. That’s bad.

It was the coldest MLS game in history. That’s good and bad.

Photo Credit: John Meyer

If you were there you have yet another instance of bragging rights. Add this game, which has yet to be cleverly named, to Snow Classicos I and II to your badges of honor; you are the best fans in soccer. So tune in and let’s talk about what we saw in both those halves. A handful of starters mixed with some depth all still learning to gel as a team. The truly deep and self-delusional among us overwhelmingly chose to see the positives in this game. Bottom line was the Rapids looked like a real professional soccer club that has finally risen up to the demands of the modern league. And that’s not nothing.


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