Blomberg Likes What He Sees from Colorado

By Brian Jennings

All Colorado fans are aware of the roster makeover leading to the 2018 version of the Rapids, but how
do all the new faces, new skillsets, or new ideas affect the players trying to mesh as we go into the long
MLS season? Midfielder Johan Blomberg reflected on those challenges recently and whether so many
players adjusting at the same time is easier or tougher than just himself stepping in.

“I think it’s a bit harder, because if the system already existed here and a lot of players knew it, it would
be easier for a few single players to get to know it. It’s a bigger challenge for a lot of us,” Johan told The
Voice of C38. Luckily though, he hasn’t had quite the steep learning curve that others may be
experiencing, citing, “I played a similar system in Sweden, so I’m quite familiar, but it’s a lot of new
things in the system as well.”

Fans don’t usually have much patience, but as Blomberg reminds everyone, this wasn’t a quick, plug-
and-play system so the team is still coming together even as the season has started. “The only thing is it
takes time. For every week since I came it’s getting better and better-every week. So the more we train
and play, the more we get to know each other and your teammates’ strengths and weaknesses.”

Honestly, the progress is remarkable when one looks at where this group started, as Blomberg points
out. “I like what I see. All the players have done real well learning quickly. Everyone is eager to learn. I
think the coach and us players are doing a good job in picking things up as fast as possible.” And, don’t
forget that the Rapids roster is still building with the recent signing of Yannick Boli who will be arriving in
Commerce City soon to fit into this evolving system.

“We’ve been progressing so much since the first week I came in Arizona.” Blomberg explained with a
laugh, “that was like almost a mess with all the things to put together but we look like a team now. The
gaffer is very clear in how he wants it to be, how he wants it to look like, so now we’re picking it up very
fast and look like a team. We still have details to work on but it looks pretty good.”

Part of the adjustment process has been Johan moving to a new city with his wife and young family.
Outside of his new team, Johan said very openly he really enjoys being in Colorado at this point in his
career. “I have my wife and 2 kids here so we’ve been just exploring the city. So far we absolutely love
the place-she loves it-so that’s the most important. We’ve been to the mountains a little bit, and we
live in Cherry Creek so being around that neighborhood is beautiful. We both love nature so it’s a great

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