Colorado Wins Battles but Loses the War

By Brian Jennings

The Rapids took an early punch in the mouth from New York Red Bulls which was enough to deny them an end to their losing streak and another costly loss at home Saturday night.  After the 5th minute goal by the visitors, Colorado had to try and overcome two teams-New York and the yellow team as well-seeing two controversial calls go against them in the 2-1 defeat.

A bright spot was the pressure the Rapids attackers Joe Mason, Yannick Boli, and Sam Nicholson put New York under, specifically in the first half pushing for the equalizer.  “There was times where we noticed they had a high line, and times was times to do in behind, but for us to go in behind we sort of need to drag them towards us first,” the newest Rapid told The Voice of C38.  “It was just about having a game plan. There was times it was definitely on and we did open it and times they dealt with it well.”

Nicholson used his pace and control to weave through the defense on numerous occasions, but any final ball the Rapids played was just off the mark either on-goal or to a final shooter.  Head Coach Anthony Hudson remains confident in his side after the loss noting he couldn’t find much wrong in how the Rapids played other than a couple of dubious calls, one of which even survived the scrutiny of the VAR process. “I think we played good football. After the first goal, there was only one team in it.  After 10-15 mintues I wasn’t concerned about the scoreline because we had the game under control-I saw the goal coming.”

(WARNING-opinionated rant by the author!!!)………Something Rapids fans should realize is that this is not a poor team, with poor players, that are poorly coached.  They are simply going through a run of poor results. If one takes a look at the way this roster has continued to be built, changed (sometimes by necessity, sometimes by choice), and had to continuously learn new idiosyncrasies and concepts; where Colorado sits in the standings shouldn’t be a surprise.  In essence, this side has been in “pre-season” until the past week. The problem is that those games have counted in league so the results can’t be dismissed. However, anyone who was expecting a top-5 spot at this point, given the monumental steps the Rapids have taken, was fooling themselves.

Results will turn-albeit possibly too late for the playoff race or many fans’ liking.  Even Nicholson, who has only just been part of this developing side, recognizes better things are coming and this is not the time to give up the task.  “We’ve competed against some of the better teams so as a team I don’t think we should get too down about,” said Sam. “We should just stay positive and keep going because eventually the results will come if we keep putting in the hard work.”

“We all believe in what we’re doing, we believe in the players,” said Hudson simply postgame. “I’m not happy but I’m not concerned.”

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