Centennial 38 Highlights


by Juan Fernandez

                What does it mean to be a supporter? Ask anyone in Centennial 38 and you’ll get a variety of answers. Supporting the Rapids is never going to be an easy thing to do: everyone know this. From the sarcastic quips, to the #[Insert Name Here]Out, to the self-deprecating chants and tifos: it’s all part of being a supporter.  But it’s also pure elation when the Rapids win. Whether at the bottom of the standings or in 2nd place like in 2016, a Rapids win just always feels good. When the Rapids score, it feels good, when the Rapids play well: it feels good. Who could forget when Tim Howard saved a penalty to take the Rapids to the Conference Semifinals? In hindsight, it didn’t win us the cup, but you remember that feeling of being close to being on top of the world. However, there’s something more to supporting the team than the results on the pitch. There’s a connection that happens within C38 members where you no longer start going to see the Rapids play. You go to spend time with your community and to some extent your second family. During those late fall games when the Rapids are out of the playoffs, its so easy to go and do something else worthwhile. Instead, you still see the same faces still supporting the same team supporting in that same unity. Why is that? Could it be that there’s more to being in Centennial 38 than seeing the Rapids play for cheap? Could it be that there’s more to being in Centennial 38 than chanting songs at a club whose players, staff, and coaches come and go? Or could it be that being in Centennial 38 is about the bonds you build with people, the community outreach, and the chance to be part of a place where you belong? I usually write and cover the Colorado Rapids -looking at highlights, condensed match reports, and stats to write recaps and articles- but going forward, I’m going to start highlighting the stories that need to be heard and the supporters who come week in and week out to support the Burgundy, White, and Blue.

In this new series, I will take a look deep into Centennial 38 and share and publish the stories that need to be heard, seen, and appreciated. Whether you sit booing the opposing fullbacks in 108 or banging a drum in 117: your story matters, your support matters, and your place in this community matters.