Like All Rapids Fans, Wilson “Sick of Losing”


By Brian Jennings

Rapids fans-you are not the only ones thinking what D/M Danny Wilson is saying.  No, Colorado’s players and coaches are not happy with the current run of form resulting in just two draws so far in 2019.  However, that’s not the only thing being done by interim Head Coach Conor Casey about the issues according to the Scottsman.

“Conor’s trying to get more positivity but it’s not an easy task just now because he’s come into a team that’s losing every week.  He’s asked us to do certain things-certain things have worked for us, certain things have still gone against us.  Long-term it’s down to the players.  There’s no other way of looking at it.”

Rapids players don’t take lightly the fact that the Front Office has had to make changes in the management, and Wilson, for one, feels a responsibility to get better for their behalf.  “A man’s just been relieved of his duties here early in the season and we’re responsible for that.  Conor’s come in and we’ve got a responsibility to give him everything he’s asking of us.  I hate using the term ‘accountability’ because that infers you have someone to blame, but for me we all have to be responsible.  To be honest I’m sick of losing.”

Casey has been willing to try some different approaches leading up to his first three games in charge, says Danny, but he also knows that as players they must keep themselves ready when called upon.  “I think we’ve changed things on the training ground, we’ve changed things in the games, we’ve changed personnel at times.   Changes can be made when you’re not winning, simple as that.”

“We have a squad of players that a few of them feel hard done by not playing, they’re getting opportunities to come in and play.  They’ve got to do better than the guys that have played before or they’ve not got a leg to stand on when it comes to knocking on the manager’s door asking why they’re not playing.  Everybody’s got to be there to help Conor, to help each other.”

Wilson was one of those players that, for one reason or another, seemed frozen out of the Rapids lineup come matchday, sometimes not even dressed out on the substitute’s bench.  However, the calm, quiet veteran of premier leagues in England and Scotland didn’t let that derail him as a professional in preparation.  “For one reason or another at the beginning of the season with the previous manager I wasn’t involved, I wasn’t required as much,” Wilson told The Voice of C38.

“I found myself coming on in the first (match), starting the second, but I didn’t feature for 6 weeks after that.  That happens in football-it’s a game of opinions.  I’m experienced enough to know that can happen so all I tried to do was, whether I was in the 18 (at that time I wasn’t even in the 18), just try to keep working hard because as you see things change quickly in football.  Management will come and go, players come and go, and all you can do is affect yourself so you just try to keep yourself fit, work hard on the training field and obviously everybody’s going to be needed.”

That mentality is what will see the Rapids through this down cycle as each player needs to ready himself for when he is called upon as Wilson has done.  “For me I’ve played the last few games, I may not play this one, you never know what could happen, but these things you just need to give yourself the best opportunity.  I respect my teammates enough that when I wasn’t playing I was saying I should be playing.”

One change for Danny isn’t necessarily the amount he’s been playing but where he’s been slotted into the Rapids lineup as of late.  Historically a central defender, Wilson has seen his most recent minutes as a defensive midfielder playing alongside Jack Price just in front of the back four.  He admits it’s been a change but one that he enjoys and is taking advantage of in being more involved in the action.   “It’s like a different world. Especially when for me I was always a center-back.  It’s been interesting.  It’s something that in some games suits me, and in others I need to do a bit more, in terms of knowing where I should be at certain times in the game.” 

In fact, watching him on the pitch, Danny seems more active, more involved, and making a difference in breaking up opponents’ attacks but also starting those for Colroado.  “I enjoy it-I enjoy getting up the pitch, I enjoy getting on the ball, I think when you play in there you’ve got more options than when you’re playing in the back.  I’m somebody that wants to get on the ball and make passes, but equally I want to get in people’s faces and make tackles as well,” Wilson admits.  “Long-term in my career I will be a defender, that’s where I’ve played a couple hundred games before, but if I’m required to play in there I have no problems playing there and give everything I can.” 

“When I came here I wanted to come for new experiences, and I’ve got that in a footballing sense and in a lifestyle sense, but also learn new things-I’ve played in a back three last year, I’ve played in midfield now, so it’s just different experiences that I’m enjoying.  It’d be nice to have a win.”