Battle of the Sacked Managers

#VoC38 is now “Current” a podcast about the Colorado Rapids of Major League Soccer in America. Every week we analyse and criticize the heroics or he-low-ics of our favorite soccer team with all the knowledge of failed soccer players and the humor of failed comedians.

In this episode: We’re getting in just under the wire for the annual Tim-dependence day bash. This year we face the New England Revolution, a team that mirrors ours in a lot ways. They started the season off rough and got better by shit canning their manager, just as the Pids have done. We compare and contrast the pair newly minted not-quite-out-of-the-playoff-run teams and make our score predicions.
But first, as always we look backwards to the huge win over LAFC last weekend.
Thanks for joining us and #COYP