WE ARE THE VOICE OF C38 AND we represent The Rapids Fan podcast

Our mission

It’s been a long time coming. Someone needed to step up and represent the Colorado Rapids with a professional, yet fan based, perspective of the team’s operations and performance. Poor journalism on top of bad relationships between the media and the Rapids front office has left us, the fans, with little to no insight into our beloved burgundy boys. 

Why the Voice

What is the Voice of C38?  It’s not just a podcast, or its host. It is the Rapids fan—supporter or not.  We can’t just separate the fan from the supporter. After all, I’ve seen a few too many supporters turn to the dark side and have lost their way when it comes to how we view this club we all love.  The Voice of C38 is everyone involved in what it takes to be a fan. 

It is our goal at Centennial 38 to be more than just informative about the Rapids, but about our happenings as well.  Tifo, tailgates, charity events, viewing parties—you name it.  We will make sure you have the proper information you need to attend, help out or whatever you as a Rapids fan feel inclined to contribute (even if it’s just to show up and cheer the boys on).   If at any time in the past 20 years you felt like the Rapids were not getting any love from the media, know that’s all about to change. We have built a solid, functioning, independent relationship with the Rapids front office. We are ambitious and ripe with talent.  C38 is a growing organization with a vast array of personalities and talents, and we are reaching higher and aiming further.

- Brendan Wyatt (Dr. Voice)