A Tale of Two Halves

Podcast 2.21.18 https://t.co/AmYVrU3NxJ — The Voice Of C38 (@TheVoiceOfC38) February 22, 2018 It was the best of soccer, it was the worst of soccer. Alright that’s a huge exaggeration but with all the tweets about “a tale of two halves”, how could we not name the episode that? There was a Rapids game on Tuesday….

A Mid Summer’s Nightmare

A Mid Summer’s Nightmare   The Fourth of July has come and gone and with it, the majority of the Rapid’s homegames. With just 6 more homegames thru October, there is reason to believe the season is out of the frying pan and into the fire. The Rapid’s abysmal road record (0-7-0) extrapolated over the…